Healthcare Nurses need workforce solutions to optimize their staffs and the patient care that they provide. Workforce solutions are a variety of innovative management and administrative processes that reduce complexity and increase efficiency related to the healthcare workforce through streamlining, automating, applying expertise, implementing technology, and educating and training for clinical role transitions. The object is to simplify the back-end of healthcare delivery so healthcare organizations can focus their attention on patient care. 
No Judgements: Provide information on performance that feels supportive rather than scolding. Celebrate success while supporting and nudging for improvement.
Data Tells Stories: The point is to be present and visible so that those who favor consuming information through videos will appreciate that you’re making the effort to reach.
Transparency through collaboration: Allow all levels of users to easily collaborate and share information.
Adapt to Me: Anticipate the different needs of key audiences and provide flexibility in the way content is consumed and distributed.

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