Northeastern alumni are diverse in what they do, where they are, and even how they perceive Northeastern. Many recent graduates (age 23 to 33) remember their college experiences fondly, but are primarily focused on looking ahead to build a career path. They often struggle to relate to Northeastern at this stage of their lives or give back financially while also paying off student debt. Many are unsure how to support their alma mater, though if alumni relations were to guide them through donating their time and talent instead of money, they might be motivated to participate. This age cohort, in particular, is primed to embrace NU’s improved brand perception and ongoing story because both align with these alumni’s recent experiences.
Build a blog platform that will bring together the empowering global community by connecting individuals to knowledge, ideas and each other to embrace the challenges and make an impact throughout their lives. 
Coupled with Northeastern’s experiential ethos, the university’s corporate connections and unique graduate and lifelong learning programs (online, in class, and hybrid) equip alumni with the tools they need to advance their careers—at any stage and anywhere.

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